Aching Muscle Super Soak

Aching Muscle Super Soak

This incredible deep heat aroma remedy is a powerful synergy for overworked, tired and aching muscles. Energising and uplifting extracts of birch, juniper, clove, alpine lavender, wild thyme and blue chamomile.

400 ml


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Add 3 capfuls whilst running the bath. Unwind the body and mind for 10-15 minutes. Remember your abdominal breathing techniques.

A powerful aromatherapy deep heat treatment. Relieves aching muscles and joints after exercise and physical work. Extremely active head clearing and focusing aroma. Excellent for arthritis and rheumatism. Warming to the body, great for cold hands and feet. Eases period pains, swelling and stiffness. Boosts a sluggish circulation. Great product for after sport.

Rosemary Stimulates circulation, relieves joint pain. Juniper Excellent diuretic, minimising the pains of muscle spasm and the aches of arthritis. Thyme Stimulates and creates heating action. Clove Deeply warms tired muscles.