Frangipani Bath & Shower Cream

Frangipani Bath & Shower Cream

Envelop your body daily with this truly luxurious cream wash. Advanced body care technology provides an exceptionally skin friendly formulation, with a gentle, natural lather that completely cleanses the skin without stripping your protective surface oils.

200 ml


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In the shower, squeeze a small amount into wet palms, massage over body and rinse off. For a luxurious bathing experience, smooth over the body and immerse yourself in the sensual aroma. Avoid contact with eyes. Should contact occur, rinse thoroughly with water.

The unique and rich infusion of exotic tahitian monoi oil, a traditional blend of tiare flowers soaked in coprah oil, has been fragranced with frangipani flowers to leave the skin feeling beautifully soft, supple and delicately scented.

Tahitian Monoi, Tahitian Monoi is produced by macerating the bud of Tiare flowers in coconut (Coprah Oil) for several days. Rich in microscopic Lipids that mimic the skin, Monoi is rapidly absorbed for long lasting skin hydration. coprah (coconut oil). Excellent conditioner for dry skin. High moisturising, nourishing and hydrating due to its high content of essential fatty Acids. frangipani flowers ‘Flower of the Gods’, Sensual, warm exotic aroma provides a luxurious shower experience. Traditionally produced on the beautiful Coral atolls of the Pacific Ocean.The ‘Tree of Immortality’ has the extraordinary ability to produce sweet Scented Frangipani flowers that are carefully infused with Tahitian Monoi.