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Mineralizing Bath & Shower Gel

Mineralizing Bath & Shower Gel

Provides a refreshing spa experience which deeply hydrates the body whilst refreshing and calming the mind. Combining the powers of dead sea minerals with plant extracts ginger, chamomile, jasmine, rose and coconut, this silky gel cleanses the body. Do you feel stressed and tired? If so this fantastic Bath & Shower Gel is for you! Suitable for all skin types, it helps to fight stress so the mind can unwind and relax.

400 ml


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In the bath – add 2-3 capfuls to running water, preferably use in conjunction with dead sea salts. In the shower – apply onto a moistened sponge and apply all over the body.

Relieves aches and pains, Can be used as a foam bath or as a shower gel, Moisturising and hydrating, Neutralises skins ph, Detoxifying, Increases blood circulation, Non-comedogenic

Dead sea minerals, plant extracts ginger, chamomile, jasmine, rose and coconut.