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Mineralizing Body Lotion

Mineralizing Body Lotion

This mineral-rich body lotion cools and soothes, deeply hydrating even the driest skin, preventing irritation and promoting a smooth, velvety skin tone. This lotion blends dead sea minerals with plant extracts. Mineralizing body lotion is for all those who wish to maintain fully moisturised, supple and satiny skin. It has a light texture which is quickly absorbed by the body, leaving your skin silky smooth.

400 ml


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Apply mineralizing body lotion daily using gentle massage movements, after a bath or shower.

Lovely fragrance that scents the body, Helps relax tired muscles, Excellent to use as an aftersun, Excellent to use after waxing or shaving to help sooth and nourish, Stimulates cell regeneration, Anti-ageing, Increases blood circulation and lymph flow, Detoxifies

Dead sea salts, aloe vera, ginger root extract, grapefruit/mango/peach juice and lavender/rose/coconut extract.